police brutality

FBI Investigating Officer Who Arrested Nurse Alex Wubbels

In Shocking Letter, Super Bowl Champion Reveals How Cop Threatened to Blow His ‘F***ing’ Head Off

Texas Police Department Slammed For Destroying Police Brutality Documentation (VIDEO)

Ohio Cop On Paid Leave After Beating Black Man During Traffic Stop (VIDEO)

Michigan Cop Sanctioned After Using Chokehold During Altercation

NJ Police Chief Suspended After Allegedly Herding Black Children ‘Like Cattle’ (WATCH)

18 Year-Old Tasered by Deputies While Restrained in Chair, Lawsuit Claims (VIDEO)

The Day Before Trump Told NY Cops To Rough People Up, One Was Arrested For Rape

‘What Did I Do?’: Footage of Cop Brutally Beating Homeless Woman Sparks Investigation (VIDEO)

NYPD’s Solution to Police Brutality Videos? Knock Peoples’ Phones Away, Report Says

ACLU: Cops Don’t Have a Constitutional Right To Rape Protesters

‘I Don’t Want You To Get Shooted!’ Heartbreaking Video Shows Little Girl Consoling Mom After Castile Shooting

Cop Fired After Video Shows Him Stomping Handcuffed Man’s Head at Traffic Stop

Police Chief Convicted for Beating Up Suspect, Reportedly Denied Him Ambulance

NBA’s Thabo Sefolosha Sues NYPD Officers for Alleged Police Brutality

Deputies Allegedly Beat Man, Offer Up His Gold Chain to Silence Witness

VIDEO: Judge Goes Off on Cop Convicted of Beating Up Black Man

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