Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort Sentenced to 73 Months in Prison in D.C. Case

Here Are the Most Eye-Popping Moments in Nearly 100 Pages of Transcripts From Manafort’s Sentencing

Robert Mueller Not-So-Subtly Nudges D.C. Judge to Throw the Book at Paul Manafort

Former Fed Prosecutor ‘Stunned’ by 47-Month Sentence: Manafort Wrote the ‘Textbook’ on ‘How to Flout the Justice System’

Judge Calls Mueller’s Manafort Punishment ‘Excessive,’ Hands Down Lenient Sentence

Robert Mueller Completely Dismantles Paul Manafort’s Best Arguments for a Reduced Sentence

What to Expect from House Dems’ New Lawyer Hire in ‘Aggressive’ Trump Campaign Probe

Manafort’s Attorneys to Judge Ellis: Remember When You Said Mueller ‘Didn’t Really Care About Bank Fraud’?

Defense Attorneys Repeatedly Go After Robert Mueller for Calling Manafort a ‘Brazen’ Criminal

‘His Criminal Actions Were Bold’: Manafort Sentencing Memo Details Vast Array of Felonies and Lies

What the Heck Happened to That ‘Imminent’ Paul Manafort Filing Everyone Was Obsessed About?

Paul Manafort Was Already Screwed, But it Just Got a Whole Lot Worse

Fmr Watergate Prosecutor: Mueller’s Manafort Indictments Were ‘Masterpieces,’ Trump Should Be ‘Worried’

‘He Did This for No Other Reason Than Greed’: Everything We Learned From Mueller’s Scolding of Paul Manafort

Mueller to Judge T.S. Ellis III: Let’s Just Get Manafort’s Sentencing Over with Already

Here’s the Real Reason Robert Mueller Thinks Paul Manafort Lied To Prosecutors

No-Nonsense Judge T.S. Ellis Has Every Excuse to Throw the Book at Manafort Now

Federal Judge Rules Paul Manafort Lied About Conversations with Alleged Russian Intel Agent

Manafort Attorneys Essentially Accuse Mueller of Creating Federal Crimes Out of Thin Air

What Happened in the Grand Havana Room? Intriguing Connections Emerge from Mueller Probe Deep Dive

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