Prosecutors Say Orlando Nightclub Shooter Considered Disney World Attack

Chopper Video Appears to Show Officers Kicking Accused Cop Killer During Arrest

‘Y’all Making up S***!’: Accused Orlando Cop Killer Goes Nuts, Shouts Profanities at Judge (VIDEO)

Families, Partners of Slain Orlando Attack Victims Fight Over Charity Fund Payments

Senator Asks Inspector General to Probe FBI’s Handling of Orlando Terrorist Investigation

Feds Continue to Withhold Recordings of 911 Calls From Orlando Terror Attack

FBI Has Uncovered No Evidence Orlando Terror Attack Was Motivated by Homophobia

Report: Omar Mateen Lied to the FBI During Investigation — and They Knew It

Newly Released Dispatch Records From Orlando Shooting Raise Questions About Response Time

Despite Media Reports, FBI Says No Evidence Orlando Terrorist Led Secret Gay Lifestyle

Orlando Terrorist Reportedly Purchased Plane Tickets to Use After Shooting

After Intense Backlash, DOJ Releases Full Transcript of Orlando Terrorist’s 911 Call

After Orlando an Attack on The Usual Wrong Suspects

New Gallup Poll Reveals Americans Want Fewer ‘Assault Rifles,’ More Concealed Carry Weapons

FBI Agents Question a Member of Orlando Shooter’s Mosque

Gun Store Owner Claims Staff Turned Away Orlando Shooter and Reported Suspicions

DOJ Releases Statement Advocating Background Checks and a No-Buy List

City Officials Reportedly Won’t Turnover Fire Code Inspection Records For Pulse Nightclub

Report: Police May Arrest Accomplice in Orlando Terror Attack

Orlando Mass Murderer Legally Purchased Firearms, ATF Confirms

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