Suspect In Charlottesville Car Attack Indicted

Taylor Swift Sends Legal Threat to Blogger Who Asked Her To Denounce The Alt-Right

‘White Lives Matter’ Rally Drowned Out By Protesters Playing Beyoncé Songs

Ohio Township Plans To Reinstall Recently Removed Confederate Monument

Facebook Allowed Advertisers To Target ‘Jew Haters’

Why Sarah Sanders Is Right That Name-Calling Trump Is A ‘Fireable Offense’

Alt-Right Commentator Flees United States After Being Outed On Internet

Man Arrested For Lying About Being Stabbed for Looking Like Neo-Nazi

Man with Short Haircut was Stabbed When Mistaken for Neo-Nazi

Lawmaker Pushes to Classify White Supremacist Groups as Terrorists

GOP Congressman Posed With White Supremacist Who Organized Charlottesville Rally

Former Neo-Nazi Killed Roommates Because They Disparaged Islam, Police Say

Neo-Nazis Plan Armed March Against Jews Before Inauguration

Baltimore Loses Solicitor General After He Hired Alleged Neo-Nazi

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