Viral Gang Beating of Muslim Girl Not Being Investigated as Hate Crime (VIDEO)

Supreme Court Travel Ban Case Could Test Trump’s Reach

Islamic Society Scores Win Against New Jersey Town, Mosque Will Get Built

Former Neo-Nazi Killed Roommates Because They Disparaged Islam, Police Say

Professor Arrested After Allegedly Making Up Anti-Muslim Threats and Assault

School Lifts Suspension Against Student Who Accused Muslim Professor of ‘Extreme Bias’

Man Tries to Burn Down Convenience Store, Thinking Indian Manager Was Arabic

GOP Senator Says Trump Refugee Ban ‘Is Not a Ban’

On Trial: Lawsuits Against Trump On ‘Muslim Immigration Ban’ Will Fail Fast

Police Investigate Hate Crime After Bacon, Windows Broken at Mosque

Obama Taking Apart So-Called ‘Muslim Registry’ Before Trump Can Get to It

Student Protesters Claim Police Went Too Far in Shooting Ohio State University Attacker

Suspect Allegedly Punched Indian Man He Mistook for ‘Sand N—-r’

Kindergarten Teacher Allegedly Choked, Harassed ‘Bad Muslim Boy’

College Student in Hijab Allegedly Threatened to be Set on Fire

Muslim College Student Reportedly Attacked by Thieves Mentioning Trump

Teacher Allegedly Told Refugee Student That Trump Is ‘Going to Deport All You Muslims’

Police Chief Under Fire for Apparently Anti-Muslim ‘Bacon Grease Dipped’ Ammo

Bracing Ourselves for NYC’s ‘Disrespectful’ Decision to Close Schools Tomorrow

People Sharing Pictures of Police Enforcing Burkini Ban Threatened With Lawsuit

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