Mueller report

Nadler: I Believe Trump Obstructed Justice, Barr ‘Consistently Misled’ Public

Despite Mueller Report’s Eye-Opening Evidence, Barr Made the Right Call on Obstruction

Barr Called Out for ‘Striking Contradiction’ Between His Comments and Mueller’s Report

The White House Played ‘Edelweiss’ As Mueller Report Dropped Because Of Course it Did

Mueller Report Appears More Damaging Than Barr’s Letter Led Public to Believe

5 Times Barr Showed His Hand During The Mueller Report Press Conference

Mueller Report Flatly Contradicts Barr’s Claim That Trump Cooperated

MUELLER REPORT: All the Trump ‘Episodes’ Examined in Obstruction of Justice Probe

The Redacted Version of Robert Mueller’s Russia Report Has Been Released

Watch: AG William Barr’s Mueller Report Press Conference

With Mueller Report Coming with ‘Minimal Redactions,’ Legal Expert Predicts What Dems Will Want Next

Here’s What You Won’t See in the Public Version of Robert Mueller’s Russia Report

Trump Reportedly Revived Sanctuary Cities Idea to Distract from Mueller’s Findings

Barr Says He Can’t Release Full Mueller Report Due to Recent Court Decision. He’s Right, But There’s an Exception.

Appeals Court Issues Ruling that Could Seriously Hamper Dems’ Attempt to Get Unredacted Mueller Report

Rand Paul Says He Won’t Approve Release of Mueller Report Until He Gets Info on Steele Dossier

How Might a House Subpoena of the Mueller Report Pan Out? We Can Once Again Look to Watergate

GOP Rep Who Voted to Make Mueller Report Public 20 Days Ago Says Subpoena of Full Report Is ‘Reckless’

Group Quotes Trump While Asking Court to Order the Release of Secret Mueller Grand Jury Info

Former Feds Who Worked with Mueller Split Over Why He Didn’t Answer Obstruction Question

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