Mimi Rocah

‘It’s WORSE That Barr Is Paying Out of Pocket’: Legal Peers Slam George Conway’s Defense of AG’s Trump Hotel Party

‘He’s Not an Attorney’: Legal Experts Suggest Senate Intel Cmte Chair’s Collusion Comments Are Misleading

Legal Experts: Roger Stone Could Plead Guilty After He Realizes ‘Full Weight of the Evidence’ Against Him

Legal Experts Demolish Republican Senator’s ‘Laughably Stupid’ Defense of Paul Manafort

‘Blatant Attempt at Obstruction’: Fmr Fed Prosecutor Says Trump Complaining About Cohen Investigation Was ‘Criminal’

Former Federal Prosecutor Predicts Mueller Investigation Will ‘Bring Down Trump’

Robert Mueller’s Written Questions for President Trump May Signal the Beginning of the End

‘Worthless’; Former Federal Prosecutor Slams Trump’s Written Answers to Mueller

Fmr Fed Prosecutor: GOP Senators ‘Should Have the Guts’ to Question Christine Ford Themselves

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