mass shooting

Florida Airport Shooter Previously Told FBI He Fought For ISIS, Report Says

Rifle Manufacturer Gets Newton Massacre Lawsuit Dismissed

Munich Death Toll Reaches Nine, One Person Is Suspect

Report: Omar Mateen Lied to the FBI During Investigation — and They Knew It

Orlando Terrorist Reportedly Purchased Plane Tickets to Use After Shooting

Bartender Says Orlando Shooter Stalked Her

FBI Agents Question a Member of Orlando Shooter’s Mosque

Report: Police May Arrest Accomplice in Orlando Terror Attack

Officials Investigating If Some Orlando Terror Victims Were Killed By Police Rounds

How Orlando Mass Killer Was Able To Buy Guns Despite Being on FBI Threat Radar

Orlando Mass Murderer Legally Purchased Firearms, ATF Confirms

Shooting at Orlando Nightclub Sparks Outrage Over Gay Blood Donation Rules

50 Dead, Another 53 Hospitalized in Orlando Gay Nightclub Attack

Jury Finds Cinemark Not Liable in Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Lawsuit

Gun Shop Owner Refuses To Sell Gun To Eligible Buyer, May Have Halted Mass Shooting

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