Maria Butina

Federal Prosecutors Appear to Have Publicly Filed a ‘Sealed’ Maria Butina Document by ‘Mistake’

Unsealed Transcript of Maria Butina Hearing Reveals Lawyer ‘Conflict,’ Awkward Exchange with ‘Perplexed’ Judge

What it Means Now That Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina Has Pleaded Guilty to Conspiracy

Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina Reportedly Pleads Guilty, Agrees to Cooperate

Accused Russian Spy Appears Ready to Plead Guilty

Alleged Russian Spy’s Lawyer Situation Got Weird All of a Sudden

Judge Orders Sudden Phone Conference in Case of Alleged Russian Spy, As Her Boyfriend May Face Charges

Judge Orders Maria Butina to Stay in Solitary, Says Her Lawyers Didn’t Make Any Legal Argument to Get Her Out

Alleged Russian Spy May Be Going Stir-Crazy in Solitary, Wants to Be in General Population

Remember That Alleged Russian Spy with Ties to the NRA? Negotiations in Her Case Are Heating Up

Judge Owns DOJ: It Took Me 5 Mins to Figure Out Maria Butina’s Sex Messages Were Jokes

So Much for the Sex Temptress Russian Spy? Prosecutors Admit to Major Screw-Up

Prosecutors Want Judge to Issue Embarrassing Rebuke of Alleged Russian Spy’s Lawyer

Congressmen Seek to Link John Bolton to Alleged Russian Spy’s NRA Infiltration

New Docs Reveal Suspicious Bank Activity Got the Feds on Accused Russian Spy’s Case

Judge Rules Evidence in Maria Butina Case Will Be Kept Secret from Media

Butina’s Lawyer: Asking for ‘Further Orders’ From Alleged Handler Taken Out of Context

These Paul Erickson Tapes Sound Like a Roadmap for Alleged Russian Operative Maria Butina

Alleged Russian Spy Accused of Offering Sex for a Job and Much, Much More

Headline Suggests NPR Can’t Discern Accusations from Facts

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