Louisiana Pastor Said He Violated Governor’s COVID-19 Order ‘Because the Lord Told Us to’

Man Charged With Terrorism for Posting Brad Pitt Coronavirus Movie Comment on Facebook

More Than 200 GOP Lawmakers Tell SCOTUS: Roe v. Wade Should Be ‘Reconsidered’ and ‘If Appropriate, Overruled’

Pharmacies Owned by GOP Rep. Peddled Massive Number of Opioid Doses in Small Communities: Report

Official: Investigators Believe Fires at 3 Black Churches in Louisiana Were Intentionally Set

Louisiana ‘Ended 138 Years of Jim Crow’ with Change to Jury Verdict Requirements

Mother Arrested After Cop Allegedly Kills Her One-Year-Old Baby in Car Crash

Jessica Chambers Murder Trial: Unraveling The Murder Charges Against Quinton Tellis

New Orleans Cop Charged With Raping Intoxicated Woman

Whoops! Man Allegedly Texts Deputy in Failed Attempt to Score Meth

Sorry But The Shooting of Joe McKnight is Not About ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

Louisiana Lawmaker Gives Pathetic Response Over Gay Sexting Scandal

Court Blocks Law That Would Make Websites Age-Verify for Adult Content

Police Admit to Misapplying ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law in Recent Arrest

Cops in New Orleans Charge Man Under New ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Law

What are the Gun Laws in Louisiana?

Suspected Arsonists Destroys Civil War Plantation-Style Old Governor’s Mansion

Man Allegedly Shot By Baton Rouge Police Previously Convicted for Illegally Carrying a Weapon

Sheriff Allegedly Threatens to Shoot DOJ Lawyer Between His ‘Jewish Eyes’

Blue Lives Matter Law: Good Intent, But Utterly Ridiculous, Bad Law

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