Kris Kobach

Kris Kobach Admits He Violated Kansas’s Professional Ethical Rules for Attorneys

Kris Kobach Hired a White Nationalist to File His Senate Campaign Paperwork

House Committee: WH ‘Aggressively’ Interfered with Kris Kobach Interview About Census Question

Looks Like ‘Someone’ Is Trying to Fool People into Getting Kris Kobach Elected

‘Outrageous Accusation’: Jeffrey Toobin Flat Out Calls Kris Kobach a Racist to His Face

GOP Removes Sole Polling Place From Famous Hispanic Majority City in Kansas

Grand Jury Must Be Convened to Investigate Kris Kobach, Court Rules

Judge Orders Kris Kobach to Take Remedial Legal Classes After Multiple Courtroom Blunders

Trump’s Favorite Immigration Hawk Found in Contempt of Court, Now Must Pay ACLU Legal Fees

Kris Kobach Loses Expert Testimony After Yet Another Courtroom Blunder

Kris Kobach is Representing Himself in Voter Law Trial and Having All Sorts of Problems

Kobach Says Lawsuits Slowing Down Voter Fraud Commission

Kris Kobach Hit with DOJ Complaint for Getting Paid to Write Breitbart Column

Trump Voter Fraud Commission Sued for Keeping Their Own Member in the Dark

Judge Refuses Trump Request On Voter Fraud Info

Trump’s Voter Commission Guy Kris Kobach Makes Most Ridiculous Claim Yet About Voter Fraud

Trump Implements Voter Fraud Commission Despite Claims That Allegations Are Overblown

Kris Kobach Caught Bringing Homeland Security Plans To Trump

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