Kathleen Zellner

Attorney for Making a Murderer Subject Steven Avery Announces Hefty Reward for ‘Real Killer’

‘Making a Murderer’ Defense Says Cops Told Family to Destroy Evidence

In New Filing, Steven Avery, of ‘Making a Murderer,’ Names Two Others As Possible Killers

After Supreme Court Rejection, Here Are Brendan Dassey’s Options

Judge Rips Into Steven Avery’s Attorney, Rejects His Bid For New Trial

‘Making A Murderer’ Attorney Accuses Family Of Lying, Deleting Evidence

It Sure Looks Like Steven Avery’s Lawyer Threatened Prosecutor with Defamation Lawsuit

MAKING A MURDERER: Avery Attorney Says Ex-Boyfriend Killed Teresa Halbach

Steven Avery’s Attorney Submits Monster Court Filing Seeking Release or New Trial

Someone Is Impersonating the Defense to Get Evidence From the ‘Making a Murder’ Case

Netflix Will Release New Episodes of Making a Murderer

Steven Avery’s New Attorney Now Blaming Trial Attorneys Buting and Strang for Conviction

Steven Avery’s Lawyer Claims He Has An ‘Airtight Alibi’

Making A Murderer: Season 2 is CONFIRMED

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