Eric Garner

Police Union: NYPD Commissioner ‘Cringed in Fear of Anti-Police Extremists’ by Firing Daniel Pantaleo

Five Years After Eric Garner’s Death, NYPD Fires Cop Who Used Banned Chokehold

Judge Recommends Firing Police Officer for Banned Chokehold That Killed Eric Garner

DOJ Won’t Charge NYPD Officer in Eric Garner’s Death

NYPD Lieutenant’s Reaction After Learning Eric Garner Was Likely Dead: ‘Not a Big Deal’

In Shocking Letter, Super Bowl Champion Reveals How Cop Threatened to Blow His ‘F***ing’ Head Off

This One Image Shows The Power Of Filming Police Interactions

No, Trump Jr. Almost Certainly Didn’t Commit a Crime by Trying to Get Dirt from Russian Lawyer

NYPD’s Solution to Police Brutality Videos? Knock Peoples’ Phones Away, Report Says

Feds Now Looking Into Eric Garner’s Chokehold Death

NYPD Puts Sergeant in Desk Duty over Eric Garner’s Death

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