Dianne Feinstein

Roger Stone Invokes Fifth Amendment to Dodge Congressional Committee’s ‘Fishing Expedition’

Man Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Sen. Dianne Feinstein Amid Height of Kavanaugh Controversy

O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer Reacts to Feinstein-Kavanaugh Showdown: ‘She Set Him Up Good!’

Dems Brace for Christine Blasey Ford as Possible No-Show at Thursday’s Kavanaugh Hearing

FBI Should Investigate Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Claim Before Senate Moves on Nomination, Says Feinstein

Some Important Questions About Feinstein’s Referral of Brett Kavanaugh Letter to the FBI

‘His Answers Were Not True’: Senate Dems Accuse Brett Kavanaugh of Lying About ‘Stolen’ Docs

Feinstein Once Pushed for the Prosecution of Black Activists to Keep the Confederate Flag Flying in San Francisco

In Tweetstorm, ACLU Unloads On Democrats And Republicans For Expanding Trump’s Warrantless Surveillance Powers

Even Fox Panel Laughs Off Trump Suggestion that Feinstein Broke Law with Fusion Transcript Leak (WATCH)

‘I Would Like To Do That’ Trump Open To DACA Bill Without Border Wall Funding

The FBI Used a Trump Campaign Source To Verify Fusion GPS’ Dossier

Carl Bernstein: Trump’s Attorneys Are Lying To Him So He Doesn’t Fire Mueller

Senate Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoena For Paul Manafort To Testify Publicly

Documents Suggest Obama Ignored Democrats’ Letter Pleading For Response to Russian Hacking

Senator Reminds Trump Judge Pick ‘You’re Under Oath’ When He Says He’ll Follow Roe v. Wade (WATCH)

Dem Senator Calls for Investigation into Loretta Lynch After Comey Testimony

Trump’s New 6th Circuit Judge Doesn’t Look So Bad, But His Road To The Bench Looked Pretty Awful

Democrats End Filibuster, Cause Likely Vote on Gun Control Amendments

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