child endangerment

‘Impossible to Comprehend’: Cop Allegedly Urinated on 12-Year-Old Girl, Tried to Kidnap Her

‘You Will Not Take My Child’: Texas Woman Allegedly Left Baby in Car Outside of a Club, Shouted N-Word at Cop

Six Adults Allegedly Told Other Children to Beat and Abuse Three-Year-Old Boy

Cops Say Argument Over Amazon Purchases Got So Heated Woman Threw a Baby–Twice

Day Care Workers Fired After Playing With Penis-Shaped Sex Toy In Front Of Kids (VIDEO)

Mom Allows Snake To Bite Baby Because She Needed To Be Taught ‘Valuable Lesson’

Father Charged After Child Allegedly Sat Alone in Car Eating Cannabis Candy

The Shocking Thing Said By This Dad Accused Of Murdering His Son

Mother Arrested For Kicking Child Out of Home Over Incorrectly Cited Bible Verse, Cops Say

Police Release Disturbing Video of Mother Overdosing in Front of Two-Year Child

City Posts Images of Couple Allegedly Overdosing to Send a Message About Heroin Use

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