Celeste Watts

Colorado Authorities Release Report on Chris Watts’ Horrific 5-Hour Confession

Lawyers Reveal New Details of Chris Watts’ ‘Full Confession’ on Dr. Phil, Including Bella’s Last Words

Inmate for Life Chris Watts Gives Authorities ‘Additional Info’ About Murders of His Family

Chris Watts, Dad Accused of Murdering Wife and Daughters, Cuts Deal to Avoid Death Penalty

Chris Watts Demands ‘Massive Investigation of Law Enforcement’ Over Media Leaks

Chris Watts Once Said a Child Could Save a Crumbling Relationship (VIDEO)

Christopher Watts Also Being Charged for Terminating Wife’s Pregnancy

Christopher Watts Formally Charged for Murdering Pregnant Wife, Two Daughters (VIDEO)

Friend Reveals Why She’s Not Shocked Chris Watts Was Arrested for Family’s Murder

‘He Never Once Cried’: Distraught Friends React to Family’s Murder Days After They Went to Birthday Party

Missing Colorado Girls Were Found Dead in ‘Mostly Full’ Oil and Gas Tanks at Dad’s Job Site

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