City of Phoenix Accuses Trump of Violating Law With Ad Featuring Police Officers

VIDEO: Police Say Man Intentionally Plowed Vehicle Into Three Officers

Yoga Teacher on Trial For Allegedly Letting Young Boys Fondle Her Breasts at Bar Mitzvah

‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ Faces Federal Criminal Contempt Claim

Woman Who Faked Cancer to Get Abortion Convicted in Separate Fraud Scheme

Suspected Serial Killer at Large After Allegedly Murdered Seven

Teen Arrested for Alleged Terror Threat on Government Buildings

City Cancels Prayer by Satanic Temple at Council Meeting

Sheriff Joe Found in Contempt for Violating Racial Profiling Order

Teen Accused of Exposing Himself in Yearbook Photo Will Not Face Felony Charge

What are Arizona’s Republican Delegates Rules?

WATCH: Cops Publicly Shame Man After He Tweets Himself Spitting on Squad Car

Sanders, Clinton to Sue Arizona Election Officials Over Minority Access to Polls

Sanders Campaign Mulls Legal Challenge as Arizona Primary is Compared to Florida in 2000

Sex Abuse Suspect Given Legal Status Under Obama’s Immigration Program

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