Alexander Vindman

No, Trump’s Removal of Lt. Col. Vindman and Gordon Sondland Is Not Criminal Retaliation

Schumer Asks Inspectors General to Investigate Trump Retaliation Against Whistleblower, Witnesses

Vindman and Sondland Planned to Leave on Their Own, But Trump Wanted to Send Them Packing: Report

‘Retaliation’: Impeachment Witness Lt. Col. Vindman Out Two Days After Trump Acquittal

White House Could Exploit ‘Loophole’ to Oust Lt. Col. Vindman

Former NYPD Commissioner, a Convicted Felon, Calls Lt. Col. Vindman a ‘Dick’

‘Reprehensible and Craven’: Attorneys Condemn House GOP Lawyer for Questioning Loyalty of Purple Heart Recipient

The Sondland-Mulvaney ‘Drug Deal’ and John Solomon’s ‘False Narrative’ Spotlighted in Latest Transcripts

NSC Lawyer Who Proposed Putting Trump-Zelensky Call in Codeword-Protected Server Refuses to Testify

NSC Lawyer Who Placed Trump-Zelensky Call in Codeword-Protected Server Expected to Testify

Lt. Col. Vindman Says Author of ‘Nunes Memo’ Misrepresented Himself as Ukraine Expert

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