Adnan Syed

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case of Serial Subject Adnan Syed

Case of Adnan Syed, Subject of the Serial Podcast, May Be Headed to SCOTUS

Serial Subject Adnan Syed Loses Appeal for a New Trial, Murder Conviction Upheld

Watch Live: Oral Arguments in Adnan Syed Appeal

Serial Podcast ‘Definitely Helped’ Adnan Syed’s Chance at Retrial, Says Attorney

WATCH: Press Conference for Serial‘s Adnan Syed After Decision for New Trial Upheld

Court Upholds Decision Granting New Trial for Serial‘s Adnan Syed

Serial’s Adnan Syed Denied Release Before Retrial

State Fights Decision to Grant Serial’s Adnan Syed New Trial

Serial’s Adnan Syed Officially Gets New Trial

Steven Avery’s Lawyer Claims He Has An ‘Airtight Alibi’

‘Serial’ Witness Speaks Out About Evidence that Could Free Adnan Syed

‘Serial’ Star Adnan Syed Could Get Chance at Freedom

UPDATED: ‘Serial’ Star Adnan Syed Might Get That Retrial

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