‘He said He Would Tie Me Up Just Like He Did Holly Bobo’: Defendant’s Ex-Girlfriend Gives Shocking Testimony

Did Zachary Adams kill Holly Bobo? Well, his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Earp says he admitted to tying up the murdered woman. Earp testified Tuesday that she and Adams had gotten into a fight.

“He told me he would tie me up like he did Holly Bobo, and no one would ever see me again,” Earp said on the stand.

The defense attacked her during questioning, saying that she was addicted to drugs.

On the stand, Earp also said that Shayne Austin and Zach Adams were watching news about Bobo being missing. She claimed that Austin laughed, and that Adams said investigators would never find her.

Adams stands trial for the disappearance and death of Bobo. She was last seen on April 13, 2011, and hunters discovered her skull in the woods on September 7, 2014.

The defendant is one of six people arrested in connection to her death. Jason AutryShayne AustinJeff PearcyMark Pearcy, and Adams’ brother John Dylan Adams have also been accused of being involved.

Dylan Adams implicated Zachary in the incident. He said he saw Bobo, the defendant, and Autry together after Bobo was declared missing, and he claimed the men “had raped Bobo and videotaped it.”

The defense claimed in opening statements Monday that investigators made a mistake, and arrested Adams while under pressure to find a culprit.

The trial continues Wednesday.

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