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After ‘crazy’ courtroom attack, Wisconsin defense lawyer ditches client charged with meth-fueled decapitation murder

Taylor Schabusiness

Taylor Schabusiness pictured attacking Quinn Jolly in court on Feb. 14.

A Wisconsin defense lawyer has officially withdrawn from a high-profile murder case after his client was caught on camera two weeks ago attacking him in court.

Taylor Schabusiness, a 25-year-old Green Bay-area woman accused of decapitating her then-lover Shad Thyrion during meth-fueled sex in 2022, lashed out against Quinn Jolly during a Feb. 14 court appearance.

Court notes said that the attack came after Jolly motioned to delay the jury trial in the case. As Law&Crime reported at the time, Schabusiness was restrained by law enforcement. After she was “removed from the courtroom,” Jolly motioned to withdraw, court notes said.

The defense lawyer’s motion to withdraw was formally accepted on Monday, so Schabusiness will need to find herself some new legal representation amid renewed questions surrounding her competency to stand trial in the coming months.

As of Monday afternoon, Brown County court records do not reflect that Jolly has officially withdrawn from the case, but several local news outlets have reported that was the outcome of the motion hearing.

According to the criminal complaint obtained by Law&Crime, investigators in late February 2022 found Shad Thyrion’s severed head in a bucket in a basement after the victim’s mother found the grisly scene. Thereafter, Schabusiness allegedly admitted she went “crazy” during meth-fueled sex and choked Thyrion to death with the chain that was around his neck:

Schabusiness stated she then began to choke the Victim, and she described it as the Victim lying face down on the bed with her on top of him pulling on the end of the chain. The Victim coughed up blood and she was just waiting for him to die while she was watching his face. Schabusiness made the comment that she was “already this far” so she just kept on, referring to choking the Victim. Schabusiness said in a lower tone of voice, “Ya I liked it,” and Detective Graf believed her to be referring to when she was choking the Victim. Schabusiness stated she thought it took 3-5 minutes for the Victim to die. Detective Kempf clarified with Schabusiness that when the Victim began to cough up blood she just did keep on choking the Victim because she wanted to see what happens. Schabusiness made comments that she blacked out while choking the Victim but when she woke up that the Victim was already purple, so she kept on going. Schabusiness stated she enjoyed choking him and made comments to detectives asking if they knew what it was like to love something so much that you kill it.

Schabusiness also allegedly told responding investigators they’d “have fun trying to find all of the organs” scattered around the murder scene.

After the attack on attorney Jolly, a courtroom deputy could be heard telling Schabusiness: “You went off on your attorney, Taylor. You went crazy on your attorney.”

Watch video of the courtroom attack here:

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