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Tucker Carlson Seems to Think You Shouldn’t Be Behind Bars if You’re 69

Married Counselor Smiles for the Camera After Mom Allegedly Finds Her Naked with Teen Son

Locals Outraged by Sentences for Arkansas Men Who Heinously Slit Dog’s Throat on Snapchat

New Pieces of Evidence that Helped Put Paul Manafort Behind Bars

Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Strikes Again

Hillary Clinton’s Reaction to the IG Report Was Surprisingly Perfect

Trey Gowdy Tears into FBI’s ‘Unprecedented’ Clinton Probe Decisions After Reading IG Report

IG Report Everyone’s Been Waiting for Shows Peter Strzok Sent ‘We’ll Stop’ Trump Text

Mueller Appears to Have Screwed Up by ‘Accidentally’ Exposing Names in Manafort Case

Cohen Spilling the Beans to the Feds Could Affect Mueller’s Investigation in a Major Way

Trump Reportedly ‘Fuming’ About Cohen But Hasn’t Said Anything for This Reason

Michael Avenatti Burns Rival Lawyer for Abandoning Michael Cohen with ‘Tail Between Legs’

Elizabeth Smart Slams Kidnapper Wanda Barzee After She ‘Refuses’ to Appear at Parole Hearing

Reminder: AT&T Paid Cohen A Lot of Money for ‘Insights’ and Trump Didn’t Want Deal to Go Through

Judge Approves Major AT&T-Time Warner Merger. It is a Go!

Avenatti Says Russians Are Spreading Story He Went to Moscow and Had Sex with ‘Multiple Women’

Amid Arrest Rumors, Trump Allies Reportedly Just as Worried About Cohen as They Are About Mueller

Sarah Palin’s Son Tried to Ban the Media from Covering His Case, It Didn’t Work Out so Well

Racist Snapchat Video About ‘N***** Hunting’ Has Missouri Woman Hunting for New Job (WATCH)

Judgment Day: Will the Major AT&T-Time Warner Merger Survive the Judge’s Wrath?

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