Minnesota Elector Refuses to Vote for Clinton, Gets Replaced

Hillary Clinton fighting for us (Shutterstock)A Minnesota Democratic Elector is joining the ranks of the “faithless” and has decided not to vote for Hillary Clinton. He was quickly replaced, according to local reports.

After the replacement, all 11 electors placed their vote for Hillary Clinton. The Democratic presidential nominee received 46.4% of the popular vote to Donald Trump’s 44.9% in the state.

Maine Democratic Elector -at-Large David Bright also told LawNewz.com that he intends to vote for Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton to recognize the efforts of the young voters, who helped to defeat Clinton in Maine’s presidential caucuses. He also acknowledges that he’s breaking Maine law in order to do so.

“Let these young voters see that somebody was listening to them, we do appreciate you, you might feel like your vote was not respected. The Democratic Party needs you, America needs you,” Bright told us, “If I can get some of these voters to come back to be involved.” Democratic Elector David Bright did vote for Bernie Sanders during this afternoon’s vote, but there was a re-vote and his vote that time around went for Hillary Clinton.

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