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English Teacher Arrested in Connection With California Jailbreak

An English as a Second Language teacher, who also worked at the Orange County jail, was arrested in connection with the escape of three dangerous inmates.

Investigators believe Noosharfin Ravaghi helped Hossein Nayeri, Jonathan Tieu and Bac Duong by bringing them Google maps. She’s denied smuggling in any tools. Apparently, Ravaghi and inmate Hossein Nayeri had a closer than student/teacher relationship.

So far, 10 arrests have been made, but the escapees are still on the run. The reward for any information of their whereabouts has increased to $200,000.  The escape was described as a “very well thought out plan” that likely took weeks to plan. Investigators say the inmates cut through steel bars, accessed an unsecured portion of the roof, and used a ‘makeshift rope’ to rappel to the ground. All three are accused of very violent crimes including attempted murder, murder, aggravated mayhem and kidnapping. reported yesterday that Duong skirted deportation for 16 years prior to being booked for attempted murder.

[h/t Orange County Register]

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