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Murder defendant claims victim strangled her, but she had no marks on throat: Deputies

Brittany Nicole Holbrook shot and killed her boyfriend Tyler Kinnon Nulisch, deputies said. (Mugshot: Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

Brittany Nicole Holbrook shot and killed her boyfriend Tyler Kinnon Nulisch, deputies said. (Mugshot: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office)

Brittany Nicole Holbrook, 33, is charged with murder in the second degree for allegedly killing Tyler Kinnon Nulisch, 30. The dying man called out to his roommate that “The b—- shot me in the back,” documents reportedly said.

According to deputies out of Monroe County, Florida, Holbrook asserted Nulisch had been strangling her, but authorities said she lacked the telltale injuries of such an act.

Authorities said they were called out at approximately 2:45 a.m. on Saturday regarding a medical emergency at a home on the island of Big Coppitt Key. The couple’s roommate had called 911 to say Nulisch was “in bad shape,” according to the arrest affidavit obtained by Keys Weekly.

“He’s hurt real bad and there is a lot of blood,” the roommate said.

Law enforcement arrived within five minutes, and fire rescue paramedics followed shortly after, documents said.

First responders found Nulisch bleeding from his lower back. Initially surviving the fatal wound, he was breathing but unconscious.

“A 9mm handgun and a 9mm bullet casing were found nearby,” deputies said. “Nulisch was taken to Lower Keys Medical Center on Stock Island where he died.”

The roommate told investigators that he and the couple had had some alcoholic drinks on their patio after work and went to bed. He woke up to hear Holbrook screaming in the living room.

Holbrook allegedly told law enforcement she and Nulisch had been dating for about nine months and lived together in the home with their roommate. She said there was a gap in her memory, documents said. Holbrook allegedly maintained that she went to bed in the room she shared with Nulisch.

“The next thing she remembered, she was in the living room holding Nulisch, who was covered in blood,” documents said. “She was screaming, which woke up [the roommate]. [The roommate] contacted 911 and let responding deputies in the front gate a few minutes later. Holbrook stated Nulisch did not make any statements while he was laying on the floor.”

Holbrook later told detectives she remembered more, according to documents.

“She stated she remembers Nulisch leaving their bed and walking to the bathroom. When he returned from the bathroom, he was like a different person and began to attack her,” documents said. “While she was being held against the wall, she described Nulisch squeezing her throat with his hands hard enough that it restricted her breathing. No marks of any kind were observed around her throat.  No petechiae were observed in either of her eyes.”

Petechiae are burst capillaries, which strangulation may cause.

“Nulisch stated she punched and scratched Nulisch. Bruising on several knuckles on her right hand were observed,” documents stated. “Holbrook stated she believed Nulisch was attempting to kill her. She continued to claim there was a gap in her memory and she did not remember how she was able to get away from Nulisch. Nulisch stated she had not fired a gun since moving from Stuart, Florida over nine months ago.”

But deputies called her statements inconsistent. Noting the roommate’s account, Nulisch’s dying words, and the lack of injuries consistent with strangulation, the affiant concluded there was probable cause to arrest her for murder.

Holbrook is locked up without bond. Her arraignment is set for June 28.

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