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Mother neglected disabled, adult daughter so terribly that victim’s hip bone was exposed: Cops

Kricket Lynn Doughman neglected her disabled adult daughter so terribly that the victim's hip bone was exposed, officers said. (Mugshot: Allen County Sheriff's Department)

Kricket Lynn Doughman neglected her disabled adult daughter so terribly that the victim’s hip bone was exposed, officers said. (Mugshot: Allen County Sheriff’s Department)

A woman is accused of neglecting her disabled adult daughter so terribly that the victim’s hip bone was exposed.

Kricket Lynn Doughman, 50, was charged with two counts of neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury after a recent emergency visit to the hospital. Cops in New Haven, Indiana, also claimed she called medics in 2020 because the victim’s toes were mysteriously missing.

Documents indicate the daughter’s recent prognosis is grim.

“We then discussed [the daughter’s] current condition, and Affiant explained to the Defendant how the doctors advised that [the daughter] could possibly not survive these injuries,” stated an affidavit dated Monday.

The New Haven police did immediately respond to a request for an update on the victim’s condition.

Authorities claim Doughman brought her daughter to Parkview Regional Medical Center on Feb. 20, and she voiced concerns about numerous wounds on the woman’s body.

These injuries were “small at the end of January but became bigger within the past two days due to [the daughter] scratching them,” Doughman allegedly said.

“[An Adult Protective Services worker] stated that part of [the daughter’s] hip bone was exposed as well as exposed metal rods that were from another surgery,” documents state.

The hospital took pictures of the woman’s wounds.

“While looking through the photographs, Affiant observed several wounds where the skin was opened, and tissue, bone, and metal rods were exposed,” documents stated.

A nursing manager said the wounds were severe and could potentially be fatal from infection. The woman was severely underweight at 67 pounds.

Though Doughman allegedly claimed her daughter had regular bowel movements, staff noted a “high degree of rectal fecal impaction.”

The APS worker noted that the victim, who is non-verbal, had several medical conditions, such as cerebral palsy and Rett syndrome. This latter condition involves issues like slowed development, slowed brain and head growth, and cognitive problems, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Doughman allegedly told the worker that she communicates with her daughter through index cards labeled “yes” and “no.” Her daughter would look at the card with the answer she was giving.

She described the injuries as being “a couple” of days old, but hospital staff said these were approximately one to two months old, according to documents.

Cops said they spoke to Doughman again at the police department and told her in a recorded interview. They told her this was a potential criminal investigation, documents stated. After hearing her Miranda rights, signing a waiver, and agreeing to talk, Doughman said her daughter had been diagnosed with Rett syndrome at an early age.

She allegedly said her daughter had extensive surgery for scoliosis, which was diagnosed in 2011.

Doughman said the injuries on the hip and bottom started in 2019, documents stated.

“The Defendant stated that this was due to [the daughter] sitting in the fetal position with her heel constantly rubbing against her bottom,” the documents stated. “The Defendant continued stating that she had been using a treatment that was prescribed for [the daughter] and the injuries had appeared to go away.”

Doughman allegedly said she was caring for her daughter alone, and when asked if she requested any help, she maintained that she was fine after the hospital showed her in 2019 how to address those earlier wounds and handle tube feeding.

“Affiant then spoke about 2020, where medics were called to their residence after The Defendant had discovered [her daughter’s] toes to be missing, stating that she believed a rat or some sort of animal had come into the house and chewed off [her daughter’s] toes,” authorities wrote. “There was no clear conclusion as to what had actually happened to [her daughter’s] toes, but The Defendant still believes that an animal was responsible.”

Doughman said she was responsible for her daughter’s feedings, using a feeding tube. She also fed her solid foods, such as French fries, ice cream, and oatmeal, documents said.

She allegedly said she was trying to have more training to care for her daughter but could not finish because she was continuously busy with care.

“Affiant then asked if The Defendant had anyone come to the residence to assist with care for [her daughter],” the documents stated. “The Defendant stated that she has tried, but no one has staff and wants to work. Affiant asked The Defendant if she feels overwhelmed with the care for [the daughter], and she stated yes.”

Authorities claim that she refused help from a disability services organization, which offered to provide aid up to 33 hours a week. The defendant did not want aid that often, and she only called on them when she wanted extra help, documents stated. The last time she reached out was Nov. 11, and the organization provided staffing that day, authorities said.

Doughman allegedly said she decided to bring her daughter to the hospital this time because she began to notice a “pressure” on Jan. 5 when they were preparing to go to a basketball game for The Fort Wayne Mad Ant, an NBA G League team. When asked to elaborate on this pressure, Doughman allegedly said it was of no concern and would go away. When asked how it progressed, she allegedly said it turned into a sort of blister.

She said she later noticed that her daughter’s wounds appeared to be starting to break open, documents said.

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Doughman allegedly said it came to the point that she realized the Sunday night before taking her daughter to a hospital that she could not care for her anymore.

When confronted about this appearing to be neglect, she denied it. The defendant said that the infection on her daughter’s hips could possibly result in doctors amputating both legs.

“The Defendant stated this did not upset her as this was the best thing for her at this time,” the documents stated. “As we were finishing the interview The Defendant stated that she would never want to harm her own daughter.”

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