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VIDEO: Angry Wife Throws Husband’s Alleged Mistress Off Bridge

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A shocking video out of Brazil is sure to alarm any cheating spouse. The grainy cell phone video appears to show a man’s spurned wife physically assaulting his alleged mistress, growing increasingly violent as the attack progresses.

The furious, and notably bigger, spouse confronts her husband’s alleged mistress and proceeds to barbarically punch the woman in the back of the head. The alleged mistress is visibly distraught as she implores the woman to stop. The wife’s aggravated response continues to escalate as she clutches the woman’s hair and drags the husband’s mistress across the pavement before tossing her off a bridge — with the help of a friend. Yes, this really happened.

[Video via DailyMail/LiveLeak]

[Screengrab via DailyMail]

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