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Race relations

City Councilman Refuses to Resign After Anti-Muslim and Anti-Black Facebook Posts

Capitol Police Fire, Rehire Officer After Altercation with Confederate Flag Wavers at Civil Rights Museum

Middle School Students Told to Draw Themselves as Slaves for Homework Assignment

PTA Group Under Investigation After Using Blackface on Facebook Announcement

TV News Producer Suspended After Being Caught Saying ‘N*gger’ on Tape (VIDEO)

Hey, GOP, ‘Law Enforcement’ Includes the FBI

Governor Proclaims ‘Stand For The Flag Super Bowl Sunday’

Air Force Sergeant Under Investigation for Ranting About ‘Black Females’ (VIDEO)

University’s ‘White Racism’ Class Criticized By White People

Customers Use Pancakes To Send Black Waitress A Racist Message

Memphis Uses Legal Loophole To Defeat State Law Banning Confederate Statue Removal

Texas Official Will Not Be Punished For Referring To Residents Using The N-Word

Alabama Secretary of State Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About on Roy Moore Recount

Police Remove White Woman From Starbucks After She Rants About Students ‘Speaking Oriental’ (VIDEO)

City Contractor Fired Over Confederate Flag, KKK Stickers On Ice Chest

Suspected New York Terrorist’s Family Issues Beyond Tone-deaf Statement Attacking Police

Roy Moore Once Said The Last Time America Was Great Was ‘When We Had Slavery’

‘You Won’t Feel Like You’re in China’: Investigation Launched After Bus Company Accused of Bigoted Anti-Chinese Ads

Kate Steinle’s Family Wants White Nationalists To Leave Her Memory Alone

Campus Republican Who Attended White Power Rallies Re-Elected As President Of GOP Student Group

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