Race relations

FBI May Investigate KKK Recruitment Flyers Discovered at High School in Texas

‘I Had No Idea’: GOP Governor Hired N-Word Spouting Staffer to Help Run His 2018 Campaign

Republican Mayor Resigns After Calling Old Black People ‘Antique Farm Equipment’

Middle School Makes Students Say N-Word in Class, Apologizes After Video Goes Viral

University Police Investigating After Black Doll Found Hanging in Freshman Dorm Room

Florida Woman Allegedly Tells Black Cop That KKK Will ‘Be Seeing Him to Burn Crosses’ On His Property

Virginia’s Top Senate Republican Teaches an Interesting Class About the Confederacy

‘I Can Say N***** More’: Another Racist Video Featuring Texas Teens Sparks Outrage

‘Don’t Tip Immigrants!!!’: Middle Aged Couple Leaves Waitress Bigoted Message Instead of Tip

‘Some White People May Have to Die’: University TA ‘Confused’ by Backlash to Racially-Charged Comments

Outrage at OU After Sorority Member Films Racist Blackface Video

Ku Klux Klan Group Previously Operated Openly at Marine Corps Base in California

Meterologist Fired After Mayor’s Scathing Statement for Allegedly Using Racial Slur Against MLK During Live Broadcast

New St. Louis Prosecutor Fires Attorney Who Didn’t Get Indictment in Michael Brown Shooting

‘It’s Run By Jews’: Aide’s Anti-Semitic Remark Leaves Dem Doing Damage Control

Outrage After High School Students Turn ‘Jingle Bells’ Into KKK-Themed Song (VIDEO)

Two Cops Suspended After Allegedly Trimming Public Christmas Tree with ‘Racist’ Decorations

Nooses Discovered at Mississippi State Capitol as Racist Senate Campaign Draws to Close

White Fan Targets College Football Coach With Racist Facebook Post Depicting Lynching

Law Prof Placed on Leave After Second Alleged Use of N-Word This Semester

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