Race relations

Outrage After High School Students Turn ‘Jingle Bells’ Into KKK-Themed Song (VIDEO)

Two Cops Suspended After Allegedly Trimming Public Christmas Tree with ‘Racist’ Decorations

Nooses Discovered at Mississippi State Capitol as Racist Senate Campaign Draws to Close

White Fan Targets College Football Coach With Racist Facebook Post Depicting Lynching

Law Prof Placed on Leave After Second Alleged Use of N-Word This Semester

Alt-Right Leader Cited for Distributing Hate Speech Materials in North Texas

Several Texas High School Students Punished for Repeatedly Chanting N-Word (VIDEO)

‘If You Get Caught, She Will Cry Rape’: Pro-Trump Group Runs Radio Ad with Shocking Race-Baiting (AUDIO)

Republican Senate Candidate Compared Michelle Obama to ‘Chimp’

GOP Official Slurs Native American Democrat With ‘Back to the Reservation’ Comments

911 Dispatcher Questioned Mental Health of Woman Known as ‘BBQ Becky’

‘F–k That N—–‘: School Superintendent Suspended After Alleged Racist Tirade (LISTEN)

College Prof Calls for ‘White Editors’ to Resign: ‘ The Fact That They Hold These Positions is F— Up’

Sean Spicer Accused of Calling Former Classmate N-Word (VIDEO)

Muslim Children Asked to Leave Public Pool Over Unwritten ‘Rule’

Kentucky GOP Governor Matt Bevin Surprised to Discover That Black Children Play Chess

Cops Ordered to Pin Unsolved Cases on Random Black People to Boost Stats, Report Says

Pro-Trump Prosecutor Under Fire After Calling Maxine Waters ‘Loud-Mouthed C*** in the Ghetto’

‘We’ve Had Problems with Your Kind’: Black Fraternity Suing Restaurant for Alleged Discrimination

Campaigning While Black? Oregon State Rep Has Police Called on Her While Canvassing

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