Trump Administration

Senior Trump State Dept. Official Falsified Numerous Aspects of Résumé — Including Fake Time Cover

Trump Admin Slashes Obama Era Rule That Kept Feds From Collecting Undocumented Immigrants’ DNA

SCOTUS Allows Trump Admin’s Asylum Ban to Go Into Effect Nationwide

DOJ Claims Congress Can’t Use Federal Court to Enforce Subpoena for Trump’s Tax Returns

Lawyer with ‘Limited Diplomatic Experience Dealing with Moscow’ May Be Trump’s Next Ambassador to Russia

Trump’s New Immigration Policy Attacks Legal Immigrants for Receiving Food Stamps, Medicare

Trump Admin Approves $26 Billion Dollar Deal for Trump International Hotel’s $195,000 Spender

Trump Admin Won’t Add Citizenship Question to 2020 Census

Trump Admin: Conditions for Detained Children Can Be ‘Safe and Sanitary’ Without Soap and Sleep

Challengers of 2020 Census Citizenship Question Ask SCOTUS to Push Back Decision

ACLU Sues Trump Administration for Totally Distorting the Concept of ‘Discrimination’

‘Political Retribution’: California Claims Trump Admin Is Retaliating Over Opposition to Border Wall

Trump Admin Reportedly Refusing to Give Up Records Detailing Security Clearances, Foreign Meetings

Kavanaugh’s Protection of Executive Branch Could Be on Full Display This Week

Sanctuary Cities Threatened with Loss of Federal Grant Money

Calm Down Libs, Trump’s Policy on Transgender Bathrooms Isn’t End of the World

In Transgender Restroom Fight, Trump’s DOJ Sides With Bathroom Bigots

Trump Education Secretary Pick Sure Doesn’t Seem Willing to Enforce Laws Against Fake Colleges

Transgender Bathroom Case Basically Thrown to Trump Administration by SCOTUS

Turns Out Trump’s New National Security Advisor Also Played Loose With The Rules

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