AG Barr: Torture and Vigilantism in Dirty Harry and Death Wish Present ‘Interesting Issues’ of Justice (LISTEN)

‘Monstrous Crimes’: Retired Federal Corrections Officer Identified as Suspect in Decades-Old Rape Cases

Torture is a Legal Term. Why Does the New York Times Refuse to Acknowledge it?

Prosecutors Reviewing Request to Issue Arrest Warrant for Trump’s New CIA Director

Parents Held 13 Children Captive, Some Shackled to Beds, Say Deputies

The Maricopa County Cavalcade of Horrors: Joe Arpaio’s 10 Greatest Hits

Bring On the Controversy: Trump Picks Notorious Waterboarding Apologist for Admin Post

Trump’s Stance on Torture is Totally Crumbling, But He’s Too Stubborn to Admit It

Why It Absolutely Makes Sense to Charge Chicago Facebook Live Four With Hate Crimes

In ‘Unprecedented Move’, Judge Orders Fmr. CIA Officials to Testify About Enhanced Interrogation Program

CIA Psychologists Admit Administering ‘Enhanced Interrogation Techniques’ to Detainee

Abu Zubaydah May Testify Publicly About Alleged Abuse at GITMO Tribunal Hearing

Marine Sues Iran for Torture During Years of Captivity

Psychologists Behind CIA Torture Program Try to Throw Out Lawsuit from ‘Tortured’ Prisoners

CIA Director Says He Won’t Waterboard Even if Ordered by Future President (Trump)

Bush DOJ Lawyer Who Approved Waterboarding Calls Trump’s Policy Illegal

Trump Says Border Closings and Torture Would be His Responses to Brussels Attacks

Fmr. CIA Director: Trump Will Need His ‘Own Damn Bucket’ to Waterboard

Trump Wants Torture, Here’s What Happened to World Leaders Who Tried It

Escapee Described As Diabolical, Incredibly Violent, Compared to Hannibal Lecter

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