teresa halbach

Federal Judges Torch Wisconsin Prosecutor During Brendan Dassey Arguments

Full Federal Court to Hear ‘Making a Murderer’ Appeal

Entire Seventh Circuit Will Hear Making A Murderer’s Brendan Dassey Case

Brendan Dassey Lawyers Petition for His Release

Appeals Court Agrees With Lower Court Ruling That Yes, Brendan Dassey Confession Was Involuntary

Avery Attorney Says Prosecutor ‘Concealed’ Crucial Voicemail

MAKING A MURDERER: Avery Attorney Says Ex-Boyfriend Killed Teresa Halbach

Steven Avery’s Attorney Submits Monster Court Filing Seeking Release or New Trial

WATCH: Steven Avery’s Son is Unsure His Father is Innocent

Lionel: Making a Murderer and Documentary Distortion

Avery Reporter Threatened After Speaking Out for Victim on Dr. Phil

Sheriff Tells Dr. Phil He Knew About Call That Could Have Exonerated Avery

We All Forgot About the Real Victim in ‘Making a Murderer’

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