Prison Guard Stabbed When Inmates Attack (VIDEO)

Man with Short Haircut was Stabbed When Mistaken for Neo-Nazi

Man Accused in Portland Stabbings Targets Victim in Outburst

Black Man Allegedly Stabbed By ‘Major Trump Supporter’ After Political Argument Escalated

Man With Bladed Gloves, Clown Makeup Held in Denver Stabbing

Two Charged in Alleged Stabbing at KKK Meeting After Trump Parade

ISIS Media Claims Minnesota Mall Attacker as ’Soldier of the Islamic State’

‘Hero’ Dog Stabbed Five Times While Saving Woman, Finds New Home

Cops: Woman Stabbed Husband Because He Forgot Her Favorite Doughnuts

Man Says Woman Stabbed Him for Turning Her Down for Sex, But Cops Can’t Find Her

Man Stabs Neighbor with Pitchfork over Alleged Chicken Theft

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