Suspect, Officer, and 3 Others Dead After Gas Station Shooting, Police Say

Active Shooter Situation at Manufacturing Plant in Georgia — What to Know

‘Cowardly and Senseless’ Shooting Left 10 People Injured in New Orleans, Police Say

Fort Worth Police Shoot and Kill Black Woman Standing Inside Her Own Home

Shooting at Kansas City Hotel Leaves Four Teens Wounded — Here’s What We Know

Authorities Backpeddle; Now Say No One Was Shot at Baton Rouge Walmart

Trump Whines About Shootings During Obama’s “Reign.” Twitter Does Not Disappoint.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival Mass Shooter Has Been Identified – Here’s What We Know

Cops: Father Said He Shot Teen ‘Five or Six Times’ for Getting His Daughter ‘Hooked On Drugs’

U.S. Marshal Joked About Shooting Federal Judge During Firearms Briefing. It Didn’t Go Over Well.

At Least 2 Reported Dead in Shooting on Campus of University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Mystery Man on Video Shot Up Georgia Apartment Complex Two Days in Row Using Semi-Automatic Rifle, Cops Say

Maryland Rite Aid Distribution Center Shooting Suspect Identified as 26-Year-Old Woman

Prosecutors: 15-Year-Old Girl ‘Justified’ in Fatally Shooting Her Mom’s Abusive Boyfriend

Husband Shot Wife After Mistaking Her for Intruder, Police Say

Parkland Survivor’s Father Shot and Killed In Robbery, Cops Say

Gunman Fled Nude from Waffle House Shooting, Police Say

Deputy Avoids Charges After Mistaking Camera for Gun, Shooting Photojournalist

Unlike in Florida, a Maryland Deputy Stopped the School Shooter

5 Colorado Deputies Shot, 1 Fatally, in ‘Ambush’ Attack

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