School Board Members ‘Shocked’ After Their Own Lawyers Blame Girls for Teacher’s Abuse

Superintendent Now Forcing Student Athletes to Stand During National Anthem

High School Teacher Grades Students As ‘Nerd’ and ‘Fruitcake’

Federal Judge Set to Hear Suit on School’s Gender Identity Locker Room Policy

Lawmaker Wants to Cut Budget by Turning Over Non-English Speaking Students to ICE

Girl in Wheelchair Says School Denied Her Disneyland Trip Because They Wouldn’t Provide Bus Ramp

#LUNCHSHAMING: New Law Stops Schools from Shaming Students Who Don’t Have Lunch Money

New Hearing for Teacher Suspended for Sending Nude Photos

School Employee Fired After Correcting Student’s Bad Spelling on Twitter

School District Suspends Bible Study After Complaints About Inducing Kids With Free Donuts

School District to Allow Teachers to Bring Guns to School

Teen Arrested for Allegedly Throwing Firecracker at Teacher’s Desk

School Librarian Files Lawsuit After School Toilet Exploded

Video Appears to Show Parent Punching Out 7-Year-Old Student at School

School District Bans Clown Costumes for Halloween Due to Nationwide Scare

$2.3 Million Taxpayer Dollars Goes to Help Students Cope With Freddie Gray Trauma

Teacher Charged After Cops Say She Left Loaded Gun in School Bathroom

Security Guard Stops Children Singing National Anthem at 9/11 Memorial For Not Having Permit

Teacher Pleads Not Guilty After Allegedly Bringing Gun to School

VIDEO: To Avoid Jail, Mother Agrees to Let School Paddle Her 5-Year-Old Son

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