russia investigation

House Democrats Subpoena ‘Critical Witnesses’ Michael Flynn and Rick Gates

Schiff Ramps it Up, Threatens to Subpoena FBI on Russian Election Interference

Michael Flynn’s New Lawyer Once Said ‘Entire Russia Collusion Narrative Was Made Up’

‘Fierce and Fair’: What to Know About William Barr’s Pick to Investigate the Origins of Russia Probe

Watch: AG William Barr’s Mueller Report Press Conference

With Mueller Report Coming with ‘Minimal Redactions,’ Legal Expert Predicts What Dems Will Want Next

Former U.S. Attorney on ‘The Dan Abrams Podcast’: ‘Congress Needs to Find Out’ What Is in Mueller Report

4 Revelations from Ex-Trump Lawyer’s Eye Opening Interview About Mueller Probe

Trump Reportedly Looking to Use Mueller Report to His Advantage as WH Grows Optimistic

Fmr DOJ Lawyer: Mueller Report May Not Get Out, But Other Reports Will Be ‘Far More Revealing’

Trump’s Absurd Tweetstorm on Mueller Probe Raises the Question: What Is He Afraid Of?

Top Prosecutor Leaving Robert Mueller’s Office, Adding to Speculation That Probe Is Ending

Accused Russian Troll Farm Literally Tells Mueller They Don’t Know What ‘Improper Foreign Influence’ Means

Rod Rosenstein Said People’s Worst Fears About William Barr Are Misguided

Fmr Comey Aide: The Most ‘Telling’ Part About Trump’s Response to Mueller Probe Is What He Isn’t Saying

‘More Confusion Than Collusion’: Law Prof Pokes Holes in ‘Implausible’ Trump-Russia Conspiracy Plot

Trump: Rosenstein ‘Told the Attorneys That I’m Not a Subject’ of Russia Probe

Fmr Fed Prosecutor: Whitaker’s Statement on Mueller Probe Was ‘Rookie-Level’ Mistake

7 Things William Barr Said in Answers to the Senate That Should Make People Feel a Whole Lot Better

Chris Christie: Never Saw Evidence of Russia Collusion

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