Rick Scott

Federal Judge Declares GOP ‘Poll Tax’ Unconstitutional, Says State Can’t Restrict Right to Vote Based on Ability to Pay

Florida Republicans Dragging Feet on Restoring Voting Rights to Convicted Felons

Rick Scott’s Revenge: Controversial Broward County Election Supervisor Removed from Office

Federal Judge Hands Rick Scott Huge Loss While Masterfully Trolling Marco Rubio’s Football Analogy

‘No Man Should Be a Judge in His Own Cause’: Rick Scott Sued for Alleged Civil Rights Violations

Broward Judge Denies Rick Scott’s Latest Demand, But Agrees Armed Deputies Are Needed at Election HQ

As Nation Observes Veterans Day, Trump Calls for Blocking Military Votes

Florida Department of Elections: ‘No Evidence of Criminal Activity’ in Broward County Vote Count

Judge Rules in Rick Scott’s Favor, Says Broward County ‘Violated Constitution’

Rick Scott Super PAC May Received Illegal Contribution From Private Prison Company

The Glaring Legal Problem with Gov. Rick Scott’s Solution to Gun Violence

Florida Deploys SWAT Teams To Protect White Supremacist’s Speech

What Happens If You Ignore Florida’s Mandatory Evacuation Orders

Marine Corps Veteran Denied Bond In Fatal Shooting Of Two Florida Police Officers

Marine Veteran Arrested For Allegedly Killing Two Florida Police Officers Last Night

FL Governor Reassigns 21 More Murder Cases from Prosecutor Who Refuses to Pursue Death Penalty

Florida Democrats Sue Governor to Extend Voter Registration Deadline Due to Hurricane

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