planned parenthood

Kavanaugh Sides With Liberals in Planned Parenthood Decision, and Conservative Justices Are Not Happy

Suspect Who Set Fire to Planned Parenthood Still at Large 2 Months Later (VIDEO)

Understanding Planned Parenthood’s SCOTUS Loss (Hint: Don’t Panic or Celebrate)

Planned Parenthood Called Out for Inaccurate Tweet Blasting Trump Judicial Appointee

FBI Takes Next Step in Trump Administration’s War On Planned Parenthood

Arizona Ordered to Pay Planned Parenthood’s Legal Fees

Let’s Finally ​Defund Planned Parenthood ​and ​Replace it ​W​ith​ . . .​

Trump Attacks Planned Parenthood With Utterly Uninformed Resolution

Now California Hits Anti-Abortion Activists with 15 Felonies For Planned Parenthood Undercover Videos

Planned Parenthood Rejects White House Deal to Keep Federal Funding If They Drop Abortions

The Trump DOJ’s First Big Target Could Be Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Launches Legal Attack Against Abortion Laws in Multiple States

Prosecutor, Victims Fighting Over Evidence In Planned Parenthood Shooting

Judge Sides With Planned Parenthood in Blocking Anti-Abortion Medicaid Law

Distributing Secret Planned Parenthood Recordings is Now a Crime in California

Taxpayers on Hook for Planned Parenthood’s $1.6 Million in Legal Fees

UPDATED: Judge Rules Against John Kasich’s Funding Cut to Planned Parenthood

All Charges Dropped Against Activists Behind Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

Alaska Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Requiring Parental Notification of Abortions

It Sure Looks Like Missouri Plans to Flagrantly Disregard SCOTUS’ Abortion Ruling

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