Orrin Hatch

Orrin Hatch Admits He Was Wrong to Say He Didn’t Care if President Trump Was ‘Involved in Crimes’

GOP Senator Orrin Hatch Flatly Says He Doesn’t Care if Trump Was ‘Involved in Crimes’

GOP Senator Walks Back Story of What Kavanaugh Told Him About High School Party

Orrin Hatch: ‘Honest’ Kavanaugh Says He Wasn’t Even at Party Where Alleged Attempted Assault Occurred

GOP Leader: Firing Mueller Not in Trump’s or Country’s ‘Best Interest’

Rob Porter’s Ex-Wives Say Orrin Hatch Apologized to Them

GOP to Introduce Citizenship Path for ‘Dreamers’

GOP Senator Yawns As Disabled Healthcare Protesters Are Hauled Away By Police

GOP Senator Says It’s ‘High Time’ for Marijuana Research in Awesome Pun-Filled Statement

In Op-Ed, Sen. Hatch Assures Us Gorsuch Will Guard Against ‘Unlawful’ Executive Overreach

Sen. Orrin Hatch’s Editorial Claimed He Met With Merrick Garland (He Didn’t)

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