Nikolas Cruz

Watch Live: Nikolas Cruz Defense Goes to Court over Evidence Dispute

Watch: Nikolas Cruz Defense Argues State Botched Notice of Intent to Seek Death Penalty

Watch Live: Nikolas Cruz Defense Tries Dismissing Count in His Alleged Attack on Jail Guard

Nikolas Cruz’s Public Defenders Withdraw Because He Has Too Much Money

Watch: Hearing for Parkland Shooting Suspect Nikolas Cruz

Florida Governor Orders Grand Jury Investigation Just Before Parkland Mass Shooting Anniversary

Nikolas Cruz Allegedly Buried His Liberal ‘Anti-Gun’ Mom with MAGA Hat

Nikolas Cruz Allegedly Flipped Off and Assaulted Jail Guard Before Grabbing Stun Gun

‘Shame on You’: Judge Rips Newspaper for Publishing Redacted Info on Nikolas Cruz (WATCH)

Here Is All 10 Hours of the Nikolas Cruz Confession Video (WATCH)

Release of Nikolas Cruz Confession Video Hits Last-Minute Snag

‘I Have Someone in My Head’: 5 Takeaways from Nikolas Cruz’s Massive Confession Transcript

‘Kill Me’: Prosecutors Just Released the Confession of Alleged Mass Shooter Nikolas Cruz

New Details About Alleged Parkland Shooter Were Revealed by Accident, Says Superintendent

Watch: Nikolas Cruz Court Hearing over His Statement to Investigators

New Cell Phone Video of Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Vowing to Kill 20 People Surfaces

Parkland Victim’s Father Sues ‘Coward’ Deputy Who Remained Outside School

Watch: Parkland School Shooter In Court

‘It’s Perverted’: Nikolas Cruz is Getting Racy Fan Mail from Teens and It’s Creeping Out His Lawyer

Nikolas Cruz’s Brother Arrested For Trespassing at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School So He Could ‘Soak It In’

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