Michael Avenatti

Avenatti: Roger Stone Is ‘100% Bat Sh*t Crazy’

Avenatti: R. Kelly ‘Threatened Witnesses with Physical Violence and Death’ to Get Acquitted in 2008 Child Porn Case

Avenatti Gives Up Control of Firm After Alleged ‘Brazen Acts of Bankruptcy Fraud’

Sealed Document ‘Placed in Vault’ on Same Day House Dems Postpone Michael Cohen Hearing (UPDATE)

‘You Are an Embarrassment to the Profession’: Twitter Feud Between Avenatti and Immigration Lawyer Gets Out of Control

‘I Am Coming for You’: Avenatti Announces He Won’t Face Charges, Takes Aim at Jacob Wohl for Alleged Setup

Avenatti: Senate Intel Committee Subpoena Is Republican ‘Ploy’ to Protect Trump from Cohen

‘Keep Kissing His Ass’: Michael Avenatti Challenges Dershowitz to Defend Trump at Senate Trial

Avenatti Sues ‘Registered Republicans’ Who Arrested Stormy Daniels at Ohio Strip Club

It’s 2019, But Avenatti Doubles Down Again on Claim That Trump Jr. Would Be Indicted by End of 2018

Michael Avenatti Says Instagram User Wished ‘Someone Puts a F**king Bullet’ In His Head

Happy Birthday? Avenatti Demands Don Jr., ‘Aka Biff,’ Admit He’s Getting Indicted

Avenatti Blasts Dershowitz as ‘Tool for the Right’ for Threatening to Sue over Underage Sex Allegations

Avenatti Makes Another Bold Prediction After Judge Hits Stormy Daniels with Fees and Sanctions

Judge Orders Sanctions Against Stormy Daniels for ‘Frivolous’ Lawsuit Against Trump

‘Wake Up and Learn the Facts’: Avenatti Strikes Back After Dershowitz Blasts Stormy Daniels for ‘Classic Extortion’

Michael Avenatti Joins Legal Team Representing Statue of Liberty Climber Patricia Okoumou

Avenatti Will Not Run for President in 2020

Legal Scholar Defends Former Student Avenatti, Says He Should ‘Sever’ Ties with Stormy Daniels

Avenatti Once Accused Trump’s Lawyers of ‘Grossly Inflated’ Fees. They Say His Tweet Shows He Charges Even More.

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