Marc Elias

Federal Court Demands Virginia Adopt More Democratic Friendly State House Map in Time for Upcoming Election

The Republican Party Is Fundraising Off of Trump’s Election Fraud Conspiracy Theory

Looks Like Sarah Sanders Got the Law Wrong When Talking Dems and Trump Dossier

Parties in Fusion GPS Lawsuit over Dossier Bank Records Reaches Secret Agreement

Is Trump Looking For An Excuse To Fire Mueller Before He’s Impeached?

Clinton Lawyer Said to Be Tied to Dossier Well Known for Protecting Political Funding Sources

Clinton Lawyer Might Have Lied to NY Times About Who Funded Trump Dossier

Clinton Attorney Marc Elias’ Election Recount Hypocrisy is Politics at its Worst

DNC Lawyers Now Implicated in Email Leaks as Giving ‘Pro-Hillary’ Advice

Clinton Lawyer Loses George Soros-Funded Lawsuit Fighting Virginia Voter ID Law

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