‘This Is America’: Man Says Teens Yelling ‘F*** Trump’ Assaulted Him for Wearing MAGA Hat

Pro-Trump Miss Michigan Winner Stripped of Title Over ‘Offensive’ Social Media Posts

‘Undeniable Symbol’ of White Supremacy? Law Professors Duel Over the Meaning of the MAGA Hat

Sword-Wielding ‘Pirate’ in MAGA Hat Allegedly Sent Victim to Hospital

College Investigating After Video Shows Student Wearing MAGA Hat Peeing on Beto O’Rourke Shirt

Trump Supporter Allegedly Throws Poop at Red Hen While Shouting ‘Make America Great Again’

Cheesecake Factory Customer Says Staff Harassed Him for Wearing Trump Hat

‘Fascism, Nazis!’: College Cafe Kicks Out Students Because MAGA-Hats Violated Safe Space Policy (WATCH)

Rep. Frederica Wilson Might Have a Defamation Case Against John Kelly

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