Deutsche Bank and Capital One Lawyers Refused to Tell Court If They Have Trump’s Tax Returns

‘Aroused’ Lawyers from Powerful Firms Are Working for Free to Help House Dems Take Down Trump

“You Can’t Represent Him Without Being Complicit”: People Are Begging Respected Lawyer Ted Olson to Reject Trump

Just Some of the Reasons Trump Hired New Lawyer, Joseph diGenova

Viral Video May Prove United Misled Feds During 2014 Rule Change Process

Lawyers Will Give Free Legal Help to Protesters Arrested at Trump Inauguration

More Than 10,000 Lawyers Sign Letter Opposing Steve Bannon Joining White House

Study Finds Millennial Lawyers Work Ethic May Lead to Higher Billable Hours

Lawyer in Trouble for Posting Religious Prayers on Facebook

Lawyers Banned from Making Sexist Remarks to Female Colleagues

NYC Lawyer Shot To Death By Police

Lawyers in Legal Trouble Roundup

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