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Trump’s trusty lawyer in Mar-a-Lago and Jan. 6 probes resigns just hours after classified documents indictment revealed

Jim Trusty

Jim Trusty appears on CNN Thursday, June 8, 2023.

Just a matter of hours after he appeared on CNN and revealed various federal criminal charges against his client in the Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Mar-a-Lago documents probe, Jim Trusty tendered his resignation. That’s according to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, who interviewed the attorney last night.

“This morning we tendered our resignations as counsel to President Trump, and we will no longer represent him on either the indicted case or the January 6 investigation,” the statement said, also announcing the resignation of attorney John Rowley. “It has been an honor to have spent the last year defending him, and we know he will be vindicated in his battle against the Biden Administration’s partisan weaponization of the American justice system.”

The lawyers claimed it was “a logical moment” to resign, since the case was filed in Miami, Florida.

“We have no plans to hold media appearances that address our withdrawals or any other confidential communications we’ve had with the President or his legal team,” the statement ended.

During his interview with Collins, Trusty revealed that Trump would be appearing in court on Tuesday afternoon, at 3 p.m., for an arraignment. He did not give an answer when Collins asked if he, John Rowley, and Lindsey Halligan would be among the lawyers present (see: 8:30-mark in video below).

“We’ll see where it all goes,” Trusty said, touting the potential “excitement” of who might show up at the counsel’s table early next week.

Earlier Friday, there was more news about the jurists Trump can reportedly expect to handle his case in court, at least preliminarily: U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon and U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart. The former is a Trump appointee who, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit found, who appointed a special master in the Mar-a-Lago case and “improperly” blocked the DOJ from criminally investigating the former president; the latter is the magistrate who signed off on the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago in the first place.

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