WATCH: Woman Who Allegedly Faked Abduction Attacks News Cameraman

Why California Mom Sherri Papini’s Kidnapping is Probably Not a Hoax

Man Charged With Kidnapping, and Killing 2 Women After Survivor’s 911 Call

Disbarred Attorney Pleads Guilty to Hypnotizing Clients For Sexual Gratification

Woman Found Dead After Terrifying Rest Stop Kidnapping

El Chapo’s Son Kidnapped by New, Powerful Cartel

Police Searching For Man Accused of Taking Girlfriend From Secure Hospital at Gunpoint

Witnesses Testify as Sidney Moorer Kidnapping Trial Underway

Sorority Woman Allegedly Beat and Kidnapped After Meeting Man on Tinder

Son Forgives Father for Kidnapping Him 14 Years Ago

Police: Man Fakes Own Kidnapping, Asks Family For Ransom Money

NFL Player Earl Wolff Was Recently Kidnapped at Gunpoint: Cops

Orange County Escapees Held Taxi Driver Hostage For Entire Week

College Student Accused of Murdering Young Girl Says ‘Truth Will Set Me Free”

Inmates Use Rope to Rappel Down Jail In Elaborate Scheme

Three Violent Criminals Escape Jail, Manhunt Underway

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