John Podesta

Judge: DOJ Ignored Demands Regarding Obama Admin Links to Clinton Campaign

Fmr Trump Aide Sam Nunberg Will Spill His Guts for Senate Intelligence Committee

Twitter’s Lawyer Admits Hiding Tweets With ‘#DNCLeak’ And ‘#PodestaEmails’ Hashtags

Is Tony Podesta The Next Lobbyist To Be Indicted By Mueller?

John Podesta’s Lawyer Threatens Legal Action Against Daily Caller Over ‘Libelous’ Article

Hillary Had One Chance to Oust Trump This Week, and She Really Blew It

John Podesta: FBI Didn’t Tell Him About Hack Until After Emails Leaked

Podesta Gives Scathing Takedown of FBI for Going After Clinton Email More Than Russian Hacking

Aide Cheryl Mills Thought Clinton Shouldn’t Run Because of Private Server

DOJ Official Involved in Latest Email Probe Gave ‘Heads Up’ to Clinton Campaign

‘Drawn and Quartered’: Podesta Suggests Cheryl Mills Approved Clinton Email Server

Clinton’s Tech Support Apparently Fell For Scheme That Got John Podesta’s Email Hacked

Hacked Emails Suggest Hillary Clinton Left Top Campaign Officials in Dark About Email Server

Clinton Ally Believed Private Server Was Not Disclosed Sooner Because ‘They Wanted to Get Away With It’

‘Need to Clean This Up’: Aides Scramble as Obama Falsely Claims He Didn’t Know About Clinton’s Email

Leaked Email: Clinton Chair Said It’s ‘Better’ If San Bernardino Shooter Doesn’t Have Muslim Name

Wikileaks: Clinton’s Advisors Agree To Take Foreign Lobbyists’ Money, Forget to Tell Her

On Heels of Email Scandal, Clinton Staff Emails Show Plans to Push Bill They Knew Wouldn’t Pass

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