Jason Van Dyke

3 Officers, 1 Sgt. Fired Over ‘Demonstrable and Known Falsehoods’ in Laquan McDonald Case

Ex-Cop Convicted of Laquan McDonald’s Murder Has Already Been Roughed Up in Prison

Prosecutors Challenge the Legality of Jason Van Dyke’s Sentence for Murdering Laquan McDonald

Ex-Cop Jason Van Dyke Sentenced to Six Years, Nine Months in Murder of Laquan McDonald

Watch: Jason Van Dyke Sentencing Hearing

Officers Found Not Guilty of Covering Up the Murder of Laquan McDonald

Ex-Cop Jason Van Dyke Could Face as Many as 96 Years in Prison for Laquan McDonald’s Murder

Watch: Jason Van Dyke Post-Conviction Hearing

When Cops Go Wrong: A Prosecutor’s Perspective, and Lessons Learned from the Jason Van Dyke Case

Jason Van Dyke Jurors Thought His Testimony Seemed ‘Rehearsed’

Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke Found Guilty in the Murder of Laquan McDonald

Alternate Jurors Reveal They Were Poised to Convict Former Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke of Murder

‘His Eyes Were Just Bugging Out’: Chicago Cop Accused of Murdering Black Teen Testifies (WATCH)

5 Key Takeaways from Opening Statements in the Jason Van Dyke Murder Trial

Watch Live: Officer Jason Van Dyke Murder Trial

Accused Chicago Officer Decries ‘Bandwagon of Hatred’

Watch: Officer Jason Van Dyke Hearing

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