Men Cleared of Terrorism Ties in High-Profile Border Case

Why Do NRA Ads Sound Like ISIS Recruitment Videos?

Trial Opening for Man Accused of ISIS Plot to Kill Blogger

U.S. Soldier Tried to Help ISIS With Top Secret Intel, and More, Prosecutors Say

Planned Executive Order Could Inadvertently Lead to Invalidating Fight Against ISIS, Experts Warn

American Sentenced to 20 Years for Planning New Year’s Eve ISIS Attack

Trump Considering Joining Russia to Fight ISIS, Which is Against the Law

Man Charged with Pledging to ISIS Uses First Amendment Defense

Wisconsin Man Pleads Guilty to Trying to Join ISIS

Judge Allows Alleged ISIS Funder to Be Served With Notice of Lawsuit Via Twitter

ISIS Media Claims Minnesota Mall Attacker as ’Soldier of the Islamic State’

Amal Clooney Tears Into United Nations Over Failure to Stop ISIS ‘Genocide’

Giuliani on ISIS: ‘Until the War is Over Anything’s Legal’

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Blaming Twitter for ISIS Propaganda

Report: FBI Neglects to Inform Americans They Were on ISIS ‘Kill Lists’

AG Lynch Dodges Question of Whether Trump’s Immigration Ban is Unreasonable

Family of Paris Attack Victim Sues Social Media Companies for Allegedly Letting ISIS Run Wild

American Charged with Joining ISIS Said It Was ‘Very, Very Hard’

ISIS Supporter Used Twitter to Recruit People to Murder U.S. Military Servicemembers: Feds

Army Captain Claims Obama Lacks Legal Authority to Wage War on ISIS

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