‘Certainly a National Security Risk’: American Hostage Mom, Diane Foley, Worries ISIS Prisoners May Escape

Republicans, Diplomats Slam Trump’s Syria Decision as ‘Grave Mistake’: ‘A Gift to Russia, Iran, and ISIS’

Report: Police Chief on Trial for Hate Crime Allegedly Called Trump ‘Last Hope for White People’

Alleged ISIS ‘Emir’ Who Used to Live in Brooklyn Captured, ‘Turned Over to the FBI’

Monday Hearing Set for ISIS Bride After State Department Says She Has ‘No Legal Basis’ Being in U.S.

Alleged ISIS Supporter Planned ‘Violent Terrorist Attack’ After Being Inspired by Pittsburgh Shooting, Feds Say

Law Enforcement Experts: Right-Wing Extremists Should Be Treated Like ISIS

ACLU: Trump Admin Ends ‘Illegal,’ ‘Unprecedented’ Detainment of U.S. Citizen They Said Was ISIS Fighter

Immigrant Who Had Temporary Protected Status Gets 17 Years for ISIS-Inspired Plot to Blow Up Mall

Conviction Overturned After Prosecutor Links Middle Eastern Man to ISIS During Trial

Terror Suspect Tried to Plan ISIS Christmas Attack in San Francisco, FBI Says

Man Convicted of Plotting to Behead Blogger Pamela Geller to be Sentenced

Men Cleared of Terrorism Ties in High-Profile Border Case

Why Do NRA Ads Sound Like ISIS Recruitment Videos?

Trial Opening for Man Accused of ISIS Plot to Kill Blogger

U.S. Soldier Tried to Help ISIS With Top Secret Intel, and More, Prosecutors Say

Planned Executive Order Could Inadvertently Lead to Invalidating Fight Against ISIS, Experts Warn

American Sentenced to 20 Years for Planning New Year’s Eve ISIS Attack

Trump Considering Joining Russia to Fight ISIS, Which is Against the Law

Man Charged with Pledging to ISIS Uses First Amendment Defense

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