hillary clinton emails

Judicial Watch Moves to Unseal Deposition Video of Huma Abedin and Others

We Asked Experts If FBI Can Do ‘Meaningful’ Review of Clinton Emails in One Week

Comey Says New Emails Have Not Changed Decision on Charging Clinton

Aide Cheryl Mills Thought Clinton Shouldn’t Run Because of Private Server

Report: Huma Abedin Has No Idea How Anthony Weiner Accessed Her Email

New Clinton Emails Came From Anthony Weiner Sexting Investigation

Clinton’s Tech Support Apparently Fell For Scheme That Got John Podesta’s Email Hacked

FBI Docs: State Dept. Leader Wanted Clinton Emails Declassified in Possible ‘Quid Pro Quo’

On Heels of Email Scandal, Clinton Staff Emails Show Plans to Push Bill They Knew Wouldn’t Pass

Clinton Campaign Manager Dodges Question About ‘Hillary Cover-Up’ Note In FBI Docs

Clinton IT Staffer Held In Contempt For No-Showing Congressional Testimony

State Dept. Promises to Release Clinton Emails on Day That Literally Doesn’t Exist

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