gun laws

Oklahomans Prepared to Test Permitless Carry Law Through ‘Second Amendment Audits’

Despite Troubled Past, Jacksonville Madden Tournament Shooter Purchased Guns Legally in State with Strict Laws

NY Lawmaker Seeks to Ban NRA-Funded School Gun Clubs After Parkland Massacre

The Glaring Legal Problem with Gov. Rick Scott’s Solution to Gun Violence

Only Five States Have ‘Red Flag’ Laws on Gun Removal

Pardoned by Christie, Woman Pushes for Change to US Gun Laws

UPDATE: What Are Las Vegas Nevada Gun Laws?

Gun Industry Seeks to Ease Gov’t Restrictions on Silencers

Woman Sues After Being Mistakenly Flagged as Ineligible to Own Gun

Sorry But The Shooting of Joe McKnight is Not About ‘Stand Your Ground’ Laws

Ohio State University is Gun-Free Campus

What are the Gun Laws in Louisiana?

Dallas Sniper Opens Fire: What are the Gun Laws in Texas?

A Tale of Two Countries: Gun Laws in the US and UK

Gunman Used ‘AR-15 Style’ Weapon in Mass Shooting, What are Florida’s Gun Laws?

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